About us

Hand-crafted dishes sourced from the best ingredients.

Who we are

We are Nut Culture, and we are on a mission to do our part for a better, healthier, kinder, and more delicious future for us and for the generations to come.

What we do

In a small creamery in the heart of Singapore, Nut Culture founder Hadas Vaknin and her team are hard at work ,24/7, tirelessly creating and perfecting magical artisan cheeses and butters out of organic and natural nuts and the healthiest of ingredients. Handcrafting the future, one cheese wheel at a time.

What we believe

We believe plant-based food can be absolutely delicious, indulgent and exciting without compromising on ingredients

What we promise

We are committed to handcrafting delicious plant-based foods Kind, healthy and delicious food is not a myth- And we are here to prove it!
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